Welcome to Phoenix Ghost Kitchens a New Cloud Kitchen Concept

Test Multiple Concepts From the Areas Newest Virtual-Kitchen

Our new ghost kitchen in Phoenix Arizona will let you build multiple concepts out of the same kitchen and capture multiple streams of income from just one convenient location.

Experiment with significantly less risk. Utilizing a shared kitchen lets you test new concepts without losing your shirt.

What is a Ghost Kitchen?

“Ghost Kitchen” is another name for “virtual kitchen,” “delivery-only kitchen,” or “cloud kitchen.”

A Ghost Kitchen is a turn-key solution that allows you to launch a new kitchen concept in a very short period of time.

We take care of all the logistics and fulfillment so all you’ve got to do is cook. We streamline the process to ensure your orders are delivered with greater accuracy, in a fraction of the time.

Lower Costs & Increase Profits With Our New Delivery-Only Kitchen

Minimize costs and maximize profit. Dispose of wasteful spendings like front-of-house labor costs, wasted food, and expensive real estate. Just stand back, cook, and watch your profits grow!

Phoenix Ghost Kitchen

21442 N Central Ave, Phoenix AZ 85027

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Our Maricopa County Approved N Phoenix Food Truck Commissary Offers:

  • Food Trucks & Concession Trailers for Rent
  • The Cleanest Facilities in the Phoenix Area (We’re The only phoenix food truck commissary to Pass tough corporate franchising requirements for several nationally know franchises)
  • Food Truck Repair & Maintenance. We have mechanics on staff available for everything from tune-ups to extensive mechanical repairs.
  • Restaurant Equipment Repair. 24/7/365 restaurant equipment repair.
  • Hookups & Dump Stations. Electrical hookups, water, gas, propane & gray water dumping stations.
  • Cooking Lines & Food Storage. State of the art cooking facilities as well as cold, frozen & dry food storage.
  • Fire Suppression Services. Installation, Inspections & repair.
  • Truck Parking With Electrical Hookups.
  • Secure Storage Facilities. Gated & locked storage facilities with live-feed security monitoring.

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